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Sky Valley Solutions gets negative content taken off Instagram quickly and effectively or you don’t pay. Stand up to trolls and clean up your reputation with us today.

Instagram Post Removal | Social Media content removals
Instagram Post Removal | Social Media content removal

Instagram Content Removal

Instagram is the fastest growing social network with one billion monthly users – and 9 million of those are in Australia. More than half of all users engage with it every single day. When it comes to social media popularity, Instagram falls behind only Facebook and YouTube.

Your Instagram image matters, and as a business or professional, it’s vital to use it wisely. Prospective employers are less likely to consider a candidate with no social presence and companies need to keep up with the 71% of brands that use Instagram

Of course, you can manage your own posts and profile but what about the pictures or videos uploaded by accounts other than your own? Do you have an outdated profile you want deleted but can’t access? Sky Valley Solutions is well-versed in taking down harmful content, pages and profiles off various online platforms.


Monthly Instagram users


Browsing posts will take action


Higher engagement than Facebook

People Notice Instagram

Instagram engagement with brands is 10x higher than Facebook. The social platform is hugely influential and you need to be aptly prepared when damaging content crops up. Three-quarters of people browsing Instagram posts will take action, such as clicking a link. This can lead them down a rabbit hole of potentially damaging content that hurts your reputation.

With more than a third of adults on Instagram, you can be sure that people you know and care about are using it. And for B2C brands, Instagram means business as four in five users follow at least one company. Three in five (60%) say they seek out and discover new products on the platform, making Instagrammers the social networkers most likely to do so.

Instagram Post Removal - Social Media content removal
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Make It Work For You

As a business, you want to get the attention of your potential customers who are using Instagram as users are some of the biggest online shoppers. People on the platform are 70% more likely to buy something online than people not using it. You want to make sure the content they see about you online is positive.

It’s not just images you need to monitor as time spent watching videos is increasing 80% year-on-year, and 4x as many were uploaded this year compared to last. Instagram videos also receive 38% more engagement than images which is good for video marketing but bad for visibility of clips you’d rather bury.

Just One Search Can Uncover Bad Content

Are you locked out of an outdated account you can no longer access? If you’ve forgotten your password and can’t remove an account or its contents, an unwanted image of you is there for all to see, representing you in a way you don’t want.

If someone’s uploaded an image you hate on a page that isn’t your own, it can link to your profile and whoever’s seen it will likely check out your legitimate page too. You can untag yourself and pretend it doesn’t exist but when someone searches your name on Instagram, anything named after you will show up.

This can be stressful. What are you supposed to do about it? Don’t worry, we’re on your side. Engage the professionals at Sky Valley Solutions and we’ll get the damaging material taken down – or you don’t pay.

Instagram Post Removal - Social Media content removal
Instagram Post Removal - Social Media content removal

Imposter Accounts Matter

We’ve all heard about copycat Instagram profiles but what are you supposed to do if someone makes a fake one of you? False accounts can be dangerous and make you out to be someone you’re not, putting your reputation in jeopardy.

Imposters may follow your friends, family, customers or employer, leaving nasty comments or posting fake or damaging photos. When someone makes a false account of you it can easily hurt your image, it’s usually infuriating and at best annoying.

If you think you might have a copycat account on your hands but you‘re not sure, you can check with a simple search. Enter your name directly into Instagram or head to Google and type it in followed by ‘Instagram’ to see what shows up.

You can also use TinEye to upload your images and see where else show up. If someone is using your name, your photos or both on fake Instagram accounts, you’ve got a copycat on your hands.

The Experts Will Handle It

When you’re faced with false, harsh or harmful content about you or your brand on Instagram, it’s devastating and can have a disastrous impact on your reputation. The best course of action is to get it removed as soon as possible. Enlist Sky Valley Solutions and we’ll use our multi-faceted content removal methods to act efficiently, discreetly and effectively. We’ll help to reclaim your image.

The specialist team of professionals at Sky Valley Solutions can take these pressing matters off your hands quickly and will be with you every step of the way. For a useful ongoing solution to help improve your online image and make monitoring Instagram less stressful, take a look at our online reputation management strategy.

Had enough of negative online content affecting you? Take the first steps toward removing it.

Instagram Post Removal - Social Media content removal