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Sky Valley Solutions gets damaging posts, pictures and videos taken off Facebook fast - or you don’t pay. Reclaim your reputation and get peace of mind with us today.

Facebook Post Removal - Negative content Removal
Facebook Post Removal - Negative content Removal

Facebook Content Removal

Bosses discard candidates, consumers shun brands and relationships end because of something damaging shared on Facebook.

In fact, few things can impact prospects more than finding offensive Facebook content when searching for a person or brand name online. And with access to an audience of 15 million people in Australia and more than a billion worldwide, a Facebook image can make or break a reputation.

If there’s something distressing on Facebook about you or your business, this is where the content removal experts at Sky Valley Solutions step in to get it taken down quickly, discreetly and effectively.


Of potential employers search your social media


Trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations


Only use a business with a rating of 4* or higher

Bad Reviews = Bad Image

Facebook is an immeasurably useful tool for marketing a business but bad reviews can spell disaster. When you discover harsh or unfair content about you or your brand on your company’s page, it can be devastating. Just one angry one-star review can influence your overall rating, harm your image and lose you customers.

The social platform’s uncensored nature goes beyond managing a bit of bad press. If someone publishes a Facebook post about a negative experience online and you’re tagged, the news can spread. Sensational content attracts attention and judgemental comments and shares from people who don’t know the full story.

Facebook Post Removal - Negative content Removal
Facebook Post Removal - Negative content Removal

People Trust Facebook

But it’s not just trolls and keyboard warriors you can simply ignore. Your existing and potential customers take notice, too. The vast majority of people trust online reviews about a retailer just as much as they would a recommendation from their mother, and many would only choose a business with a rating of 4* or above.

It can be tough to float above this, especially as many bad reviews are left by competitors or trolls feeling brazen behind a screen. These people get their kicks from posting negative material about undeserving targets and are just out to tarnish your image. So what can you do about it?

If you’ve seen something false or unjust posted about you or your company on Facebook, it’s important not to lash out it. Sky Valley Solutions is on your side. We help get content removed fast to restore your reputation and peace of mind.

Your Boss Is Spying On You

Most potential employers use Facebook background checks during the interview process with 3 in 10 assigning a specialist to investigate your online presence. These controversial checks help firms find out more about you and how you’re represented online, and ultimately decide whether or not to hire you.

Key Facebook attributes that improve your image include information that supports your qualifications (61%) and a professional online persona (50%). However, what other people post about you can make or break your prospects to 37% of bosses, while 24% look for ‘any reason at all’ not to hire you based on your online profile.

Facebook Post Removal - Negative content Removal
Facebook Post Removal - Negative content Removal

Embarrassing Tagged Photos

What employers least want to see on a candidate’s Facebook is references to illegal drugs (83%) and posts of a sexual nature (61%), while drinking alcohol puts off 47%. More than half (54%) change their mind about hiring someone based on negative content found on social media.

But deleting or hiding your profile can be even more detrimental, as 57% of employers said they’re less likely to interview someone with no online presence.

Are you tagged in something embarrassing you’d rather forget? If you’d hate your employer, friends or family to see, don’t despair – we’re on your side.

We were all young once but tagged posts from our teens can haunt us and ruin our future. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re concerned, ask us how we can help manage your online image by getting negative Facebook content taken down swiftly.

The Experts Will Handle It

The experts at Sky Valley Solutions are well-versed in taking down harmful content off various online platforms quickly and effectively, helping to reclaim your image. What happens once the Facebook content is removed? For a useful ongoing solution, take a look at our online reputation management strategy.

When you assign Sky Valley Solutions, you don’t have to worry about financial risk. You only pay if we succeed in removing the damaging content.

Had enough of negative online content affecting you? Take the first steps toward removing it.

Facebook Post Removal - Negative content Removal