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Don’t allow disgruntled ex-employees to permanently tarnish your reputation and destroy your future recruitment efforts.

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Glassdoor Review Removal

Online reviews now reach beyond products and services – they have officially seeped into the workplace. Glassdoor has risen to become the undisputed king of employee reviews, with over 57 million users browsing and posting to the site. 70% of job seekers now look up Glassdoor reviews when searching and applying for a role.

True to its name, it’s viewed as a transparent platform allowing applicants to see what current and former employees have to say about the company and the CEO alike. What happens when a disgruntled ex or even current employee posts false or slanderous reviews of your business? The true impact of bad Glassdoor reviews misrepresenting your workplace is only just beginning to become apparent to businesses who have been targeted.


users browse and post reviews to Glassdoor


of job seekers look up Glassdoor reviews when searching and applying for a role


of searchers will avoid businesses with negative reviews

You’re Only as Good as the People You Can Hire

Negative Glassdoor reviews have a disastrous impact on your company’s reputation. Sure, you can leave it online – if you’re willing to risk the consequences. It’s more and more common for job candidates to turn down employment offers due to reviews posted on Glassdoor.

The recruitment and onboarding process is incredibly time-consuming as well as costly for businesses as it is – but with harmful reviews up on Glassdoor, those processes can get a lot pricier and much more painful. The scariest part of having a poor Glassdoor rating?

You may never know the real extent of its impact. Tonnes of talent could be turned away by a negative Glassdoor review before they even contact your business – and this fear has become the unfortunate reality for countless companies.

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Risk-Free Removals

The only way to ensure that your hiring processes remain unaffected by these reviews is to get rid of them. That’s where we step in – to make sure your online reputation is as clean as a glass door should be! Sky Valley Solutions’s mission is to help companies like yours restore their reputation with our thorough and comprehensive web content removal services.

Tailored to your needs and requirements, we erase misleading, misrepresentative or otherwise destructive reviews off various platforms with no risk to you. We put the control back in your hands. When you come to us, we’ll do whatever we can to undo the damage done to your brand and heal your image online. These matters can be distressing when they pop up, but rest assured – you’ll let out a sigh of relief when we’re done. Not seeing your goals achieved? Then you don’t pay – no excuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can permanently remove reviews from Glassdoor through our application process. Once Glassdoor has deemed an application we have made successful and subsequently removed a review, it is removed completely and it is highly unlikely it will re-appear.

Our applications aim to demonstrate that a review is in violation of Glassdoor’s Review Guidelines or the Australian Law and therefore once successful, it’s very unlikely that Google will re allow this violating review to exist on their platform.

We remove Glassdoor reviews by making an application to the team at Glassdoor. In this application, our team of skilled legal professionals highlight the issue/s with the review, relying on the relevant Glassdoor Policies, Australian Law or a combination of both to demonstrate this.

Following this first application, our team will proceed to engage with Glassdoor. This will either be in the form of providing more information as per their request or re-submitting an application, as it is common practice that a removal request is initially rejected. It is the expert knowledge of our team which allows for the successful managing of a review application.

If successful, Glassdoor will remove the review willingly from their platform. There is no “bribing”, or “incentivising” involved. It is an entirely legitimate process.

Unfortunately, Glassdoor does not remove a business from its platform at the request of an employer. While you can delete your Employer Account, this does not mean that Glassdoor will remove your business listing. Deleting your Employer Account will also prevent you from proactively responding to negative reviews that are made on your business listing.

However, you can apply to Glassdoor to have unfair or fake reviews deleted from the platform.

Glassdoor may contact the author of a review when their review is in moderation. Glassdoor will remove the content without notifying the user if the review is in clear breach of their guidelines. However, Glassdoor does reach out to the author if their review contains strong allegations, language or opinions that could damage a company or individual, but is not in breach of their guidelines.The author will be asked to verify that they stand behind their review as a truthful account of their experience by re-submitting the review. The author will have to re-submit the review before the deadline Glassdoor provides. The author can also use the opportunity to edit or delete the review.

Glassdoor also informs the author that they are legally responsible for what they write under the terms of use. The author is not explicitly informed that their review is disputed by the employer.

The fee for removing a review from Glassdoor depends on factors such as what is being said in the content, and how many reviews you approve to be targeted for removal. Simply reach out and indicate which Glassdoor company page is causing issues, and we will discuss the reviews & interview items in question. The process is fast and painless - after taking a look at the content and your page, our consultants can provide a quote on the same day, normally with a few options depending on the scale of the problem.

The time it takes Glassdoor to remove a review can vary. We typically expect a response from Glassdoor within 10-15 days. However, overall Sky Valley Solutions allows up to 60 days for Glassdoor to delete a review. This is because the process may involve multiple submissions and appeals before a review is removed.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop reviews from being posted on your Glassdoor business listing. Glassdoor provides an open forum where any employee can anonymously review a listed business. This means that users can leave negative reviews without Glassdoor verifying their identity, employment status or the truthfulness of their reviews. Glassdoor seeks to minimise fraudulent content by limiting the amount of reviews a user can make to one review, per year, per company worked at. However, this does not stop illegitimate content from being posted.

You can use a Free Employer Account to proactively respond to negative reviews. You can also seek to remove fake or unfair reviews through Glassdoor’s moderation process. This is where we are here to help.

We legally remove unwanted Glassdoor reviews by making a submission to the platform. Glassdoor will undertake a moderation process of the review and the decision to remove the content is at the discretion of Glassdoor. Sky Valley Solutions’s team of specialists have extensive experience in drafting submissions and appeals to Glassdoor to have illegitimate content legally removed from the platform.